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St Mary the Virgin, Buxted

St. Marys Church

Welcome to the church of St Mary the Virgin in Buxted, East Sussex. The church is situated in the centre of Buxted, and its congregation is drawn to its strong Anglo-Catholic style of worship.  Incense is used at services in St Mary's.

Daily offices are taken in St Mary's from Monday to Thursday each week.  Morning Prayer is at 8.30 am and Evening Prayer is at 5.00 pm.  Company will always be welcome!  Our church is now open every day for visitors and private prayer.  Please see Visiting St Mary's page.

We have two Deputy Churchwardens: Norman Longley and Colin Woolgrove .

For a baptism, marriage or funeral at St. Mary's, please link to baptism  or to marriage or to funeral.


Changing Service Times

Revised starting time for Worship at St Mary’s

Thank you to everybody who shared their opinions regarding having a later start time at St Mary’s. An overwhelming majority either favour starting at 11.15 or are at least indifferent, and so we will continue to begin our weekly worship at 11.15. This will make a significant difference to my Sunday morning schedule, including being able to meet and greet at the end of services at St Margaret’s. Thank you for your flexibility dear friends at St Mary’s. After Easter I would like to develop a similar dialogue with members of the St Mark’s and St Margaret’s congregations to discuss together not only timing of our worship but also the types of services that we want to hold throughout each month in our churches. 

ST MARY'S CHURCH REDECORATION PROJECT  The parish celebrated the internal redecoration of St Mary's Church with some style on Saturday 14th May, with the 33-piece Buxted Symphony Orchestra performing in the church.  There were two pieces on the programme - Haydn Symphony No 99 and the Dvorak Czech Suite.  There were 65 people in the audience, which meant that £650 was raised, to be shared between St Mary's and the Orchestra.  Afterwards there was a buffet with wine and soft drinks in the Church Hall, which provided a good opportunity to talk to our friends and neighbours locally (and also a number of people from farther afield) about plans to develop our outreach in the parish, of which sacred and secular music will always play an important part 

CALVARY. A number of years ago, the figures on the Calvary (which forms part of the war memorial at S. Mary's) were vandalised.  Although repaired, the weather has taken its toll on the figures and they now need replacing.  Fund raising started in the New Year.  If you would like donate towards the project please contact Colin Woolgrove - 01825 830076




 Sung Mass on all Sundays  (Please note, this may change on the 5th Sunday if there is a United Parish Eucharist - see the St Mary's calendar) 


St Mary's has a Walsingham cell, which meets at 10.30 am on the second Wednesday of each month for a Mass of the Holy House.