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Welcome to the Ecclesiastical Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down

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The Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down in East Sussex is a single parish with three parish churches: St Margaret the Queen in Buxted Park, St Mary the Virgin in Buxted, and St Mark the Evangelist in Hadlow Down.  We glory in what unites us and in what makes us special. 

The Parish has a Church Hall near St Mary's Church.  Please click to see St Mary's Church Hall page.

To see an accurate current timetable of the services in each church, please click on one of the links to consult the appropriate page: St Margaret's , St Mark's , St Mary's

 GLUTEN FREE? If you are gluten intolerant and wish to receive a gluten free wafer at communion, cards, which you can take to the altar rail to indicate your preference, are available in all three churches. Please ask a sidesman for a card. 

If you wish to see the contents of the latest pew sheet then please select the four-fold booklet: Pew Sheet 


HELPER(S) REQUIRED. We really need the help of one or two people for a maximum of one to two hours per week, at any convenient time, to help with office administration. This is principally operating the church photocopier to print our weekly pew sheets and orders of service for special occasions. This could also include setting up the files on the computer using Word and Excel. If you think you could help, please do let the Rector know and we can meet to discuss in more detail.


I add new items to this page EVERY week.  Please remember to scroll down the page, or you may miss some interesting information.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting and Meeting to Elect Churchwardens

The meeting to elect Church Wardens and our Annual Parochial Church Meeting was very well attended on Wednesday 11 April.  The bring-and-share supper could have fed an army!  Thank you to everybody who helped to organise and also those who attended.  Congratulations and thanks to Duncan Irvine and Paul Dillon-Robinson who will be our Churchwardens for 2018-19.  Reports from all church committees were received and approved by those present.  We also discussed revising and, hopefully, streamlining the ways in which we organise and manage our parish affairs.  

It was very heartening to hear of the many activities taking place around the parish, and reassuring to know that our projected shortfall of funds over the year of £12,000 actually ended up as a surplus of around £5,000. As a plus, we were able to increase our charitable giving at the same time as saving a little for the proverbial rainy day.

We also discussed revising and hopefully streamlining the ways in which we organise and manage our parish affairs. These changes were approved and so we now start the process of setting up different teams and finding individuals to take responsibility for different tasks. Our aim is that we will have more people involved so that each job carries less responsibility and hopefully the time commitment will be manageable in all cases. Paul Dillon-Robinson is working hard now to prepare a list of roles and a description of what each post will entail. This will circulated as soon as it is ready. In the meantime please start to think about what you may be able to do. This is our parish, and if we all work together then the parish will flourish and grow

Or will it? I have received comments that the planned changes may result in the same people doing more jobs. In reality, how it ends up depends on us all. I have been enormously encouraged in the days following the annual meeting; receiving enquiries from a number of people who until now have not been involved in our church activities in a formal way. To turn our plans into reality we need many more people to do the same. Do you value the three churches in the parish? Do you want them to be there for yourselves and your families when you next plan a baptism, wedding or other event? Do you want to have a full time Rector active around the parish? If you do, then over to you. What can you do to help our parish run even more effectively? What can your friends do also if they think the same as you?

I will close by paraphrasing the immortal words of John F Kennedy at his inauguration: “ask not what your church can do for you, ask what you can do for your church”. Whatever it is, I assure you that it will be pleasing to God. If you would like to discuss this further please let me know.



Advance Notice of Dates for Your Diaries

As part of the Archbishop’s Thy Kingdom Come initiative, Bishop Richard Jackson (Bishop of Lewes) is undertaking a prayer pilgrimage across the Diocese from the west of the Diocese to The Cathedral in the week before Pentecost. Along the way he will call into as many churches of the diocese as possible. On Monday 14 May at 7pm he will visit St Mark’s Hadlow Down. This will be his final visit of the day. He will lead us in worship in church and then we will have the chance for informal discussions with him over refreshments. Please do mark this date in your diaries so that we can give Bishop Richard a great BHD welcome!

As part of the Diocesan Year of Prayer 2018 there will be Pilgrimages to Chichester Cathedral from each of the four Archdeaconries. The Hastings Archdeaconry Pilgrimage will be on Saturday 15 September. We are invited to meet up at Hunston at 13.30 and walk to the Cathedral along the canal path with brief prayer stations at various points. The pilgrimage will begin with prayers at the start of the canal walk at Hunston. If you are unable to walk that far you can meet up later with the walkers in the Bishops Gardens at the Cathedral. At 15.00 there will be a Eucharist in the Cathedral, led by Bishop Richard. The Eucharist will be ‘stational’ with the nave cleared of chairs except for a few places for the infirm to sit in key areas of the Cathedral. There will be activities for children during the Eucharist. Refreshments: after the service there will be a “bring and share tea” either in Paradise or on the south west lawn. If wet we could use the cloisters. Drinks will be provided

Revised starting time for Worship at St Mary’s

Thank you to everybody who shared their opinions regarding having a later start time at St Mary’s. An overwhelming majority either favour starting at 11.15 or are at least indifferent, and so we will continue to begin our weekly worship at 11.15. This will make a significant difference to my Sunday morning schedule, including being able to meet and greet at the end of services at St Margaret’s. Thank you for your flexibility dear friends at St Mary’s 

LENT 2018

GIVING DURING LENT. Thank you to everybody who brought their jars or bags of loose change to one of the churches or else gave them directly to our Treasurer or myself. At the latest count we have received £413, with one or two jars still to be returned.

Half of the money raised will go the Diocesan Lent Appeal which aims to raise awareness of the tremendously important work of the Chichester Diocesan Association for Family Support Work (FSW) and help to realise the target it has set itself - to see a support worker in every part of Sussex within five years. The second charity will be local to the parish; the TN22 Plus Club which aims to provide a safe and caring environment for those with memory loss or dementia to socialise and take part in stimulating activities.

yr of prayer

Click here to view Year of Prayer 2018 document


parish walk

The group will meet on Wednesday 18 April; at 10.30 in St Mary's car park.  Our walk this week will be just over three miles, and, at the end, there will be coffee, biscuits and a time for chat at the Rectory.

If you would like to take part or to get more information please email Fr John or telephone 01825 733103  



1)  LEGACIES POLICY. Please click to see how you can help

2) PARISH GIVING SCHEME. More than half the C of E dioceses are now in this scheme and Chichester diocese leads the field with more donors and churches active than any other diocese in the country. Our parish was one of the first to enrol, but we are always looking for more parishioners to join. 

Are you a PGS member?  Existing members wishing to change their gift, or any other details, should contact the PGS team directly and not their bank. This can easily be done by telephone to 01452 835595 or by email to  quoting your PGS reference number. For further details, contact Homer Cox on 01825 732321 


Don't forget that Signs Rhymes and Chimes is only a term time group.  



The Rector now prepares and circulates a weekly email newsletter. This includes news from the parish, information about upcoming events, suggested prayers, and a thought for the day. If you would like to join the mailing list, please send an email to Fr John .

Please click on Parish Policies to view a page dealing with the safeguarding of adults and children in our parish


Please continue to make a special point of supporting families in need through our food collections, to be handed on through Michelle, our local diocesan Family Support Worker. Please look for the box in each church, where food items can be left. These should be non-perishable items of general use to an ordinary family.


Where are we?

This map shows the location of our three churches and the nearby towns of Uckfield, Heathfield and Crowborough. More detailed maps and directions
can be found on the Visitors page for each church.









Parish News and Events 

GIVING - please visit our Giving pages to find out about the current and recent ways in which the parish is giving and see also how you can give, either financially or through your talents.(Time, Talents, and Money


VACANCY FOR ORGANIST/CHOIRLEADER AT ST MARGARET'S Please visit the St Margaret's page for further details.



About the Parish

The parish is in the Uckfield Deanery, the Hastings Archdeaconry and the Chichester Diocese.  

The Parish was created by a pastoral scheme and came into operation on 1 January 2008. 

It is administered by a single PCC. 

The villages of Buxted and Hadlow Down make up the ecclesiastical parish, 
which also includes part of Five Ash Down within its boundary. It is a rural community, but is growing as a result of planned housing development.

There are two Church of England Primary schools in the parish:

The parish maintains close links with both schools, details of which can be
found on the pages for St. Margaret's and St. Mark's.

The parish is a registered charity (Charity Reg. No. 1130925).


Parish Mission Statement

We are committed to playing our part in God's mission to the world by being:

  • A worshipping community; 

  • A learning community; 

  • A serving community; 

  • A community of wholeness and reconciliation; 

  • A praying community; 

To become the people of Christ.



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