Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down

  • Buxted
  • East Sussex


Remembering the Church in your Will is a wonderful way both to thank God for the blessings that you have received and to help the Church to meet the needs of future generations.

  • Thinking about life after death should not be difficult for Christians! Make sure you are prepared practically as well as spiritually. Whatever your age, write a Will and keep it up to date.
  • If you die without a Will, your loved ones could face a lot of trouble and expense, and a court could decide how your property is divided.
  • Many Christians give regularly and proportionately from their income. Why not give proportionately from your estate too?
  • A gift in your Will helps our churches to live out our dreams and mission in this community.
  • It's a way to thank God for all the gifts of life and faith - and to hand them on to future generations.
  • Leaving a gift in your Will can reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate.

The Church of England has recently launched a new Legacy Service, through which:

  • You can specify the parishes, cathedrals, dioceses and other charities you would like to benefit from your gift, or the kind of work you would like your gift to support.
  • You can direct how the recipients should use your gift.
  • You can change your mind about where you'd like the gift to go at any time. You can write a new letter of wishes whenever you want to, without having to change your will.
  • The service is free, offered by the church to make it easier for you.

Legacy packs, containing a wealth of useful information, are available in each church. They can also be obtained from or by emailing

You can discuss legacies in confidence with the Treasurer.