Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down

  • Buxted
  • East Sussex

Other Giving

Although the Parish Giving Scheme offers the most advantages, there are other methods of giving to the Parish, including:

A. Cheque or BACS. Unlike cash (see C below), these methods identify you as the payer and, if you sign a Gift Aid Declaration form, we can increase the value of your gift by 25%.

B. Gift Aid Envelopes. The yellow envelopes in each church* are intended for casual visitors to our churches, rather than regular worshippers, although the latter are encouraged to use them when donating to other charities at church services, e.g. Remembrance Sunday, Sea Sunday, funerals, etc.

C. Cash in the collection bag. Whilst we still welcome this, cash obviously requires sorting, counting, logging and banking, which creates extra work and carries more risk than the other methods.

D. Online. The parish is registered with BT MyDonate for on-line donations. If you wish to make an online payment to our parish, you can do so by clicking on this link MyDonate. Your donation can be Gift Aided.

E. Standing Order. Although nearly all our standing order donors have agreed to switch to PGS, we recognise that this is still a possible method of giving. If this is the only method you are prepared to accept, please contact the Parish Treasurer.

F. Payroll Giving. If you are in employment and your employer offers such a scheme, this is a tax-effective way of giving to the Parish.

FOOTNOTE: On 6 April 2013, the Government introduced the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, which enables us to reclaim a 25% Gift Aid "top-up" 

  • on cash donations of £20 or less, 
  • given at church services where ten or more people are in attendance. 
This is subject to a total donations limit of £5,000 per church per tax year.

*At St. Mark's and St. Mary's, we are well below this annual limit and therefore we can reclaim this top-up without your having to complete a yellow envelope, if the above two conditions are met. 

*At St. Margaret's, our cash donations exceed £5,000 p.a. and we therefore ask you to complete a yellow envelope if you are able to sign the Gift Aid Declaration thereon.