Parish of Buxted and Hadlow Down

  • Buxted
  • East Sussex

If you wish to support Christ’s mission in our parish on a regular basis, the most efficient way is to join the Parish Giving Scheme ("PGS").

Why is my support needed?

The Church of England offers a Christian presence in every community, seeking to be at the heart of all our cities, towns and villages; by serving our communities; by sharing our faith and values; by worshipping together and by our wonderful buildings. This valuable contribution to our community has a cost, which is largely met by personal donations. For the Church to survive and grow, we rely on regular donations so that we can plan confidently for the future.

What are the advantages of PGS?

PGS is a 21st century Church of England scheme, designed by Gloucester Diocese and now being rolled out across the country. It was designed to address one of the major problems that parishes face, namely ‘static giving’. In order to do this, donations are made by direct debit, preferably on a monthly basis, although PGS also accepts quarterly or annual payments. 

The PGS form has an ‘inflation option’ box, which signifies that you agree, in principal, to increase your giving in line with inflation. In the long run, this will make a huge difference to parish finances. A month before your anniversary date each year, PGS will send you a letter and you can decide whether to accept their new figure, or to choose any other amount. This letter acts as a reminder to review your giving once a year and we urge you to tick this box. You can be assured that, should your circumstances change at any time, it is easy to increase, reduce or even cancel your giving through PGS.

If you pay sufficient UK income tax or capital gains tax to enable you to sign the Gift Aid Declaration, your giving will be worth 25% more to us, at no extra cost to you. Your full donations, plus the associated Gift Aid, come straight back to the parish each month, thus saving us a lot of administrative time and effort. Even if you do not pay sufficient UK tax, you can still join PGS. 

If you wish, you can tick the box to remain anonymous from the Parish Treasurer/Planned Giving Officer. Every year, the Treasurer writes to all regular donors to thank them for their giving, and this would, of course, preclude him from writing to thank you.

When you join PGS, you will be given tokens to put in the collection bag to signify that your giving is via PGS. You can also pick up a token each time you enter the church.

Please will you join?

PGS packs and enrolment forms are available in each church. For further information, please contact the Parish Treasurer, Homer Cox, on 01825 732321, or, who will be pleased to help you.

Our hope is that all parishioners will agree to become PGS members.



The future of our parish is in our hands